Cookies, Brownies, and Funnel Cake Mixes

Fundraiser Overview

  • Profit 40%-50%
  • 10 Participant Minimum (recommended)
  • Items sell for $10 or $15
  • NO REFRIGERATION required! Peanut Free.



Step 1: Sign Up!

The very first thing you should do after that your group has decided to participate in our cookie and snack mix fundraiser is call us to order your FREE sales brochures. It's super easy to get started, and we do not require any money up-front!

You'll want to get a firm grasp on exactly how many people in your group will actually participate in the non-frozen cookie dough fundraiser so that we can send one brochure to you for each participant in your group. Most cookie mix fundraisers typically last for about 2 weeks.

Step 2: Organize and Motivate!

If you want to be super successful with your fundraising campaign this is where the rubber meets the road. If you organize and motivate your participants the sky is the limit on how much you can achieve!

We recommend that you first determine the best time, or two weeks, to host your fundraiser. It's imperative that everyone involved knows the start and end date for your cookie mix fund raiser. A good idea is to make a fundraising letter and send it home with every participant; especially if you are working with young children.

The very best way to motivate your group is to offer prizes and incentives. We've found out you'll have optimal success if you motivate your group in two different ways. 1) Offer "highest seller" prizes for the high flyers in your group. 2) Offer a "raffle type" (such as: everyone who sells 10 items gets their name in the drawing) prize to motivate everyone to participate.

Remember, you don't have to pay for your prizes out of pocket because you can use the profit from your fundraiser to purchase them. Offering prizes is a no-brainer... we've had groups increase their sales by as much as 500% by implementing a simple prize program.

Step 3: You're Done Baby!

The cookie mix sale is over and the kids have turned in their money. Now, just tally all of the orders and place one bulk order with us, and we'll have your items to you in no time!